The Reddit Mastermind is actually a collection of not one, but three e-books. These three books cover everything an internet marketer needs to know about Reddit. When finished with all three books, you’ll know exactly what to do with your website in order to drive traffic to it through Reddit.

So what are the three e-books?

The Reddit Mastermind.

Reddit Mastermind E book Collection PNg - What You’ll Be Promoting:


This is the main e-book, it has 52 pages explaining everything from Reddit basics, such as creating the ideal account, choo

sing the right username, how to increase karma, how to become an authority to more advanced things like promoting a website without being banned, how to write content for Reddit, how to write perfect titles for Reddit, psychology and much more.

The Reddit Mastermind: Extraordinary Marketing.

This is a bonus e-book consisting of 17 pages. It showcases how internet marketers, startups and large companies used some uncommon methods on Reddit to grow their brand, increase traffic and drive more sales. Each method is documented, I’ve explained what they did good and what they could’ve improved. This will help beginners to get a better understanding of what works, and more importantly, why it works.

$100 A Day With Reddit.

A 4 page e-book explaining my method to make more than $100 a day with Reddit. This method can be applied by almost anyone (they need a basic understanding of WordPress and article writing). It’s important to note that you DO NOT need to be a professional writer in order to use this method. The method is easy to do, repeatable and most important of all, scalable.

The Commission

With a commission percentage of 60, you’re making 20% more than the creator of the e-book, that’s me by the way. This means you’ll be making an easy $12 for every sale.

What’s even better is that high volume affiliate sellers will receive up to 75%, meaning you can make as much as $15 PER sale!


All The Tools You Need

I’ve been affiliate for several products before, and you know what sucks? When I get no tools at all, no banners, no logos, no mockups, sales copy, NOTHING! You want me to promote your product but you’re not even going to bother giving me some tools? No thank you!

Luckily I’m not that kind of guy, I know that as an affiliate you rather sell than create stupid graphics and write sales copy all day. That’s why I’ve already created everything for you. When you join me as an affiliate you’ll receive a complete tools package, banners, logos, mockups, sales copy are all included. Do you need something specific? Don’t worry I’ll make it for you.

Tools - What You’ll Be Promoting:
Affiliate Handshake - What You’ll Be Promoting:

I Care About My Affiliates

When you decide to become an affiliate for my product, you become a friend of mine. I want to help my affiliates succeed, you’re doing me a huge favor after all. You see that image of people shaking hands? If I could meet you in person, I would shake your hand.

If you need help with any of the tools, if you need any advice regarding Reddit, if you need any kind of help or just want to chat with me, I’m here for you!

You can contact me via email everyday, any time, at this address: [email protected]